Your Skin’s Best Friends

Use a protective Sunscreen

The SPF stands for “sun protection factor”. The higher the SPF factor the better it is. At least SPF 30 should be used on daily basis indoor and outdoor for sun protection to discourage drying , wrinkling and skin cancer.

A well chosen Moisturizer

A good moisturizer forms a protective barrier between pollution, the elements and your skin. Use one formulated for your skin type on daily basis to slow natural moisture loss and to slow down the skin aging process.

Use tepid water and mild cleansing soap

Gentle cleansing is just as good and less destructive to your skin’s natural acid mantle than hot water and harsh soap.

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet supplies nutrients and moisture to the skin keeping regenerative powers high. Treat dry skin from the inside out by feasting on foods rich in Vitamin A, like cantaloupe, yogurt, olive and sunflower oils. Vitamin C- rich foods, like Citrus fruits, strawberries, and green peppers helps in collagen production, which keeps skin supple. Wheat germ and whole-grain cereals reduce stress and promote healing. Remember : You are what you eat.

Drink six to eight glasses of water everyday

Water is nature ‘s perfect moisturizer. Drink it in..!! You’ll speed cell growth, improve circulation, and flush any impurities out of your system as a result your skin will look fresher and clearer in just 10 days.

Take the worry off your face

By removing stress and worries from the life your skin will remain blemish free. Become aware of those habitual expressions that can permanently line your skin like frowning your brows etc.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise regularly to revive circulation and speed blood to the surface of your skin. That healthy post exercise glow is a sign that your heart and lungs are working to regenerate your skin.

A good night sleep

Sleeping 7 to 8 hours is really essential because 10pm to 4am skin regenerate cells which is really helpful for making skin youthful.

Treat your skin with respect

Never clean it with harsh solutions or gritty substances, which can burn or scratch the epidermis. Use clean hands to pamper your skin, And for keeping your complexion clear use only those skin care preparations specially formulated for your skin type.

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