Skin Protection For Winter Season

We all know that our skin is affected by the weather. Both hot and cold weather can steal moisture from the skin so skin protection is must thing to do in all seasons.

Your Winter Protection Plan


No matter whatever skin type you have moisturizing is must thing to do. Even if you have oily skin with enough natural moisture to protect your skin from wind and cold but still water based moisturizer should be applied to prevent skin from dehydration. If your skin tends to get extremely dry then thick cream should be applied rather than water based moisturizer.


Lips dry out first in so put a lip balm under lipstick or gloss and carry it at all times to reapply as needed. Massage a little eye cream along the lip line and you will prevent dry skin lines from developing.


Eyecare is must in all seasons. Eye skin is really thin and tends to get wrinkles and dark circles really quickly due to lack of hydration, so eye cream with Vitamin A and Vitamin K should be applied on daily basis to keep the signs of aging at bay.

Special Treatment

Special treatments are essential part of skincare. Once a month hydrating facial should be performed at home or at salon to keep pores clean and skin hydrated. On weekly basis hydration mask such as sheet mask or cream based mask should be applied in winters in order to cleanse the skin deeply and to have bright moisturized skin.

Water Intake

Water Intake is so important in winters too…!! Many people don’t have urge to drink water in winters as body don’t feel thirsty, as a result skin dehydrates and dehydration can led to breakouts for some people. To have clear and hydrated skin water intake should be at least 2liters a day.

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